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Portable Pipe Racks   11/2007

We took an old idea several steps further. Our new pipe rack has many features that improve on what is available.

An old problem with pipe that is portable is handling it. Storage and transportation is where pipe is damaged or just hassle to handle. We looked at the existing racks and asked customers what they wanted. We found several deficiencies with the racks already on the market. We hope users find our new rack provides functionality and durability well beyond other racks.

First, our rack has been designed to be stronger. In fact it can handle up to 2,500 lbs with no warping or bowing. Each rack weighs 758 pounds, so it is heavier than others. But its capacity and durability should overcome the extra weight.

Furthermore, the added length fully supports 20� pipe so the ends are not bowed over or bouncing. Runners under each end, along with the fork tubes and rail pockets, all touch the floor at the same time so the rack is firmly supported the entire length.

We included large (10x3) fork tubes. It will be a lot easier for the lift operator to reliably fork the rack without damaging pipe. The fork tubes also eliminate slippage or tipping. Bottom line its easier and safer handling with less damage to the pipe.

The eight side rails are positioned to handle 20� and/or 10� pipe. You can even mix the two on the same rack! One rack, two different pipe lengths.

Easy stacking. The top of each side rail has a landing that is easy to hit with the rail footer. The racks are designed to be stacked two high for space savings and truck transport. Two racks stacked meet the maximum height requirements for flat bed semi trailers. The sockets and pockets make it easy for the lift operator to stack the racks.

Easy storage and empty transport. The side rails are removable so the rack breaks down for less storage or transport space. The removable rails may also assist in loading and unloading pipe from the rack.

Racks are painted blue with a powder coat paint.

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